1. Vapiano Berlin – review

    Being hungry one cold evening in the heart of Berlin is not a pleasant feeling, but among options that pop up in your face is Vapiano, located nearby Brandenburg Gate, just a couple of minutes walk on Unter den Linden – there’s a passage and you get in, staff is friendly, prices? Not so much, but tolerable. We’ve ordered pasta creme di fungi and bruschetta and of course some beer, but at the end our conclusion was “this place is more like a fast food place masked as cool not fast food place”. Pasta was made in front of our eyes by a friendly cook, but the result had no taste, even with great and fresh ingredients, no taste, my amazing spouse can’t tolerate spicy food, but she settled even with adding chilly oil, lots of pepper, salt and well, it still – my daughter could cook a better pasta. Besides the lack of taste and poor quality cheesecake for desert, the place looks good and cozy. So if you are high or drunk and so hungry- you’ll eat about anything and not broke – you’ll love this place.

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  2. setting up your wifi? osx will help you pick the channel

    There actually is some importance to picking a ‘free’ or not taken channel (or more) when configuring wifi, now ‘auto settings’ never show you what they do and the results are visible. For mac users, there is a built in tool, that can help with picking up the right channel. use your terminal and issue

    /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/airport -s

    you will get the list of nearby ssids, with their encryption type, channel and other info that might be useful

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  3. butterfly labs email addresses database went to spammers

    As I’ve previously mentioned I have separate mailbox setup for every website I register with, this way I can track compromised websites and block senders accordingly in case of security breaches. I’ve already written about compromised cex.io, this time it was butterfly labs, I’ve just received spam message offering scrypt miner to specific address used only with bfl. I didn’t trust bfl from the beginning, but had some hope that they would actually deliver, but not after this.

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  4. asshole

    WordPress theme called asshole is stuck ‘in development’, I really would like to make it properly downloadable and customizeable, but since I’ve switched my personal career path, I have no time for myself or my own project, this way my electronics projects are halted, photography, coding and everything else is on hold, until better times.

    anyway, if you’d like the theme, the repo should be on my github account https://github.com/dafuk/asshole2


  5. convert all videos to mp3s

    all you need is bash and ffmpeg
    for z in *.mp4; do ffmpeg -i "$z" "${z%.*}.mp3"; done
    note the quotes, they escape the file names, so you can use it on files with spaces in filename, it also cuts out everything after a dot and puts mp3 after it, this way ffmpeg knows that you needed mp3s

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